Handy Howie Snowed In

COVER REVEAL!!! Handy Howie Snowed In, m

New Release!!!

The heartwarming, holiday-inspired third installment in the Handy Howie series

When  a snow storm rolls through the hills, Handy Howie's shop becomes filled with more than vehicles! Can he save the day and finish in time for the holidays? Join Howie and his boys for a heartwarming new adventure about community and what brings us together.

"A debut picture book from author/illustrator Howe about a bright blue lobster that would give Wreck-It Ralph’s Fix-It Felix Jr. a run for his money" -Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Returning readers will delight at the further adventures of Howie, which focus on his loving relationship with his kids." -Kirkus Reviews

"Howe’s rhymes are packed with humor, and the book should have lap readers and newly independent readers alike giggling about the crustacean mechanic’s antics. "

-Kirkus Review (starred review)

"Howie was an ideal protagonist for a children's book"

-Online Book Club

"A must-have for every child."

-Reader Review


"A book that teaches children to follow their passion and be generous. Howie is an inspirational character for the next generation."

-Online Book Club Member: InStoree



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