From February 1-March 31 2019 I am holding Handy Howie's First Book Drive! I have teamed up with some fantastic community members and will be donating copies of Handy Howie to organizations such as:

Mayo Clinic Healthcare (Pediatric Department and Hospital Ward)

Gunderson Pediatric Department

La Crosse Library System

Local Elementary Schools

Local Daycares

Low Income Elementary Schools

The Boys and Girls Club

Books for Africa

Giving Works Empathy Project

Milk and Bookies

Children's Book Project

and more!

For each $10 donation, one book will be donated AND your name (or the name of your child, family pet, etc.) will be entered into a drawing to have a character named after you in Handy Howie's third book (to be released in Fall 2019). The winner will be announced on April 2nd!

Every child should experience the joy of reading together, as well as enjoy the educational, mental, and emotional benefits that reading provides. Let's spread literacy awareness by making great stories available to all children, regardless of income or situation.

*If you wish to choose the specific organization to receive your donation, please indicate that in the "Special Instructions" during checkout*


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