Handy Howie Goes Green!

That's Right! Handy Howie is going Green!

For those of you who have been to the online store, have you noticed those green and white icons at the bottom of the page? They’re not just decoration! They are actually Eco-Alliance badges!

What does that mean exactly? Well, with the release of Handy Howie’s Day Off, I’ve made a marketing switch by handling the fulfillment of all my sales, be it through my website’s online store or through Amazon. Why am I doing this? Isn’t that more work? Well, yes. But it’s work that I am proud to do because I am committing to personalized, beautiful, consistent Eco-Friendly packaging! Here’s what that means for you: every online sale is shipped in a compostable mailer (made by NoIssue*) along with a specially designed Handy Howie “Thank You” card made on seed paper. Seed paper is exactly what it sounds like! You plant the piece of paper, water it, and in 4-6 weeks, the seeds embedded in the paper bloom into gorgeous wildflowers! My business cards will be on the same seed paper. I designed both the “Thank You” cards and the business cards myself, and I supported other small businesses by using those designs to have Etsy shop owners make me custom stamps! Lastly, I use acid-free ink, so I don’t affect the seed growth or release chemicals into the soil where the cards are planted. As an added bonus, every time I need to make another purchase of my compostable mailers, a tree is planted to offset the environmental effects of the order’s shipment! It is an absolute honor to have partnered with such an outstanding company like NoIssue! If you want to learn more about them, or how to incorporate them into your own business, I’ve attached some information at the bottom of the post!

I am SO proud of these exciting changes I’ve made to my business and to Handy Howie’s brand, and I hope when you open your package you feel the care and devotion put into every step of this process. From the books themselves to the packaging, my heart and soul is behind Handy Howie!

*For More Information on NoIssue, please follow the link below!




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